Covid 19 Solutions

With the need for governments and public health authorities to manage a controlled return to semi-normality, COVID-19 PCR and vaccination certificates have become very important in the successful implementation of policies for

  • Travel
  • Return to work and
  • General Access control for public facilities

We believe that the security of these documents underpins the success or failure of these policies and we are doing our bit to contribute to eradicating not just COVID 19 but fraud associated with it.

Our solution can be used to generate both digital and physical document on premise or through our cloud API. We can integrate with our BAU processes or help you build bespoke from scratch with minimum disruption to your business.

  • GDPR & Other Regional Data Compliance: Our platform is compliant with GDPR and other regional data protection requirements.
  • Track, Trace & Update: As covid vaccines are administered at intervals, the ability to issue a certificate after first dose and update the same certificate after the second dose is a great feature to have which allows certificate holders to update their compliance without needing to generate another document after the second dose. Essentially live updates capabilities for certificates.
  • Physical-Digital document generation: The platform generates both digital and physical paper or other media certificates.
  • No Document or Data Archiving: We know data privacy is important to our customers so we do not interfere or archive your documents. Document data resides with client giving you full control at all times.
  • Everyone Verifies: Transparency of process speeds up decision making for all stakeholders.

See Sample PCR and Vaccination Certificate

Sample COVID 19 Vaccination Certificate (Nigeria)

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